Concerned about your vein status?

One in 10 Americans may have vein issues; and one in 20 may have significant Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI)... but only 1 or 2 of those seriously afflicted seek help.


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Are you suffering from vein disease?

Symptoms and signs of Venous Insufficiency are insidious, so the disease may be advanced when discovered. Culprit veins never get better without targeted treatment.


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Why run the risk?

Women are more commonly afflicted by Varicose Veins than men until late middle age, when the incidence becomes similar. But vein disease in men tends to be more severe.


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Our Mission: Excellence With a Human Touch

Located in Ocean Springs, MS, Spring of Youth Medical Group is known for its expertise, experience and excellence in vascular surgery- concentrating on office-based procedures. Our vascular surgeon is highly trained to diagnose and deal with common, complicated and unusual vascular diseases, especially those of veins and lymphatics. Proud of utilizing the latest technology in an innovative medical facility, we perform the safest, minimally invasive procedures on our patients. Our focus is to provide a high standard of care to our patients through personalized and advanced treatment of vein and lymphatic disorders as well as minimally-invasive aesthetic conditions.

The Primary Medical Professional

Dr. Hazem Barmada, the primary medical professional of Spring of Youth Medical Group is a cardiovascular and thoracic surgeon, who is sub-specialized in Endovascular procedures, treating conditions of arteries, veins and lymphatics. He performed his first vein treatment in 1977; and has since treated all 6 stages of venous disease and lymphatic disorders, giving him more than 35 years of extensive international experience in this field. These chronic venous disorders may cause spider and varicose veins, leg swelling, skin changes, scarring and ulceration. He is recognized as a trusted expert by his patients and peers alike.


Dr. Hazem Barmada

The Varicose and Spider Veins Expert

Dr. Barmada began his medical career in 1974 in the UK. In 1991 he joined the Heart Institute at St. Vincent Hospital in Portland, Oregon as a chief fellow working alongside the world-renowned Cardiac Surgeon, Dr. Albert Starr, the first surgeon in the world to insert a valve in a heart.

Professional Memberships:
American Venous Forum
American College of Phlebology
Society of Thoracic Surgeons
Royal Society of Medicine
Society of Vascular Ultrasound
National Society of Cosmetic Physicians
KOL Master Course Completion Certificate

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Services Offered at Spring of Youth Medical Group

Medical Cosmetics Services

In addition to our vein treatment services, Spring of Youth’s Aesthetics center offers the latest in dermatologic cosmetic procedures to enhance the vitality and radiance of your skin, leaving lasting results to improve its tone, texture and elasticity.

Facelift Without Surgery, MS, Smiling Woman Picture - Spring of Youth Medical Group

Professional, personal and custom care by our experienced staff and in the comfort of a relaxing atmosphere will ensure that you leave feeling and looking refreshed. Inquire today about our minimally invasive procedures that restore your skin to a healthier, younger-looking appearance with minimal recovery.

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Varicose & Spider Vein Services

Whether you have a cosmetic or chronic vascular problem, you’ll be glad to know you get highly specialized care here, close to home, at the Spring of Youth Medical Group.

Our MS Gulf Coast vein disease services include:

» Varicose Veins
» Spider Veins
» Leg pain
» Leg Swelling
» Deep Vein Thrombosis
» Ulceration
» Discoloration (Stasis Dermatitis)
» Peripheral Vascular Disease

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