Botox® Cosmetic, made by Allergan and approved by the FDA in 2002, is the most commonly performed cosmetic procedure worldwide. It is a safe, non-surgical procedure for temporarily reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles caused by facial muscle contractions. Botox® Cosmetic works by blocking nerve impulses that trigger wrinkle-causing muscle contractions. This muscle relaxation creates a smoother, younger looking appearance.

Botox can be combined with temporary or permanent filler for optimal aesthetically-pleasing results.

Botox® has been used to treat:

• Glabellar lines – the vertical frown lines between the eyebrows that look like an “11”
• Horizontal forehead lines – the lines created when you raise your eye brows
• Crows feet – the lines around the eyes when you smile
• Bunny lines – horizontal lines on the sides of the nose
• Platysmal bands in the neck
• Hyperhidrosis – excessive sweating of the armpits, palms of hands and soles of feet

Botox® Cosmetic treatments are a relatively quick and simple procedure. Each injection takes only a few seconds, and discomfort is minimal. You will be able to resume your normal daily activities the same day of the procedure. Botox® treatments are noticeable within 7-10 days and usually last 3-4 months. Re-treatment at that time is essential to maintain optimal results.

Before and After – Patient Photo Testimonials

Botox Treatment for Expression Lines

Botox Treatment for Crows Feet

    Skin Rejuvenation Microderm Treatment
    Reverse the signs of aging in less than 30 min.

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