Regenerative Medicine

A large industry caters to our natural desire to look as young and healthy as possible. Regenerative cosmetic medicine uses the body’s own resources to achieve prolonged, visible results. For those who would rather avoid artificial implants and man-made chemicals, stem cells and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) are collected from the recipient’s own body. Regenerative cosmetic medicine provides a low-risk alternative to other cosmetic procedures with everything from applications for breast augmentation and the reduction of wrinkles, to improvement for uneven skin tone.

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Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

Used to treat wrinkles, skin tone, acne scarring, and dark circles under the eyes, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is collected from the recipient’s own blood. Platelets are blood elements that are commonly known for their importance in plugging rents and tears in blood vessels, forming blood clots and releasing growth factors, cytokines and proteins, which help repair damage from injuries. To prepare PRP, blood is drawn into a syringe and its components are separated through the use of special separating tubes and a centrifuge.

Plasma is the clear fluid that makes up almost two-thirds of the blood’s volume. Red cells, which carry oxygen, make up over a third of the blood volume, and the white cells, which fight infection, make up about one percent of the total blood volume in healthy people. The ratio differs depending on a range of variables. For example, a body that is fighting off an infection will produce more white blood cells. In PRP, the concentration of platelets is five to ten times greater than the concentration in the original blood. As a series of low-risk injections with tiny needles, the effects of PRP are less dramatic than a facelift and slower to mature, but they can be targeted at specific areas around the mouth, eyes, cheeks, or forehead and offer more natural-looking results. Growth factors and cytokines diffuse into the tissues after the injected platelets get activated following their placement into and under the skin. They encourage the production of new collagen and adipose tissue in the face as well as support the creation of new blood vessels for an overall healthy glow.

The transfer of varying amounts of fat to the face, when volume is needed, can iron-out wrinkles and smooth the appearance of skin without surgical procedures. Injections of PRP are also commonly used in combination with other complimentary cosmetic procedures. Some swelling may immediately follow the injection of PRP, and a short recovery period can be expected after a fat transfer procedure. These types of procedures, however, come with fewer risks than many of the more popular cosmetic procedures. With elective procedures such as these, it is obviously important to find experienced professionals and that needs researching your options. At Spring of Youth Medical our healthcare professionals review your options with you, and fully discuss the pros and cons of each procedure as applicable to your unique situation.

Breast Augmentation and Reconstruction

The transfer of fat from other areas to the breast uses natural tissue in place of silicone or saline-filled implants. One of the major obstacles with this treatment, however, is that the body tends to reabsorb fat that is transferred from another part of the body. Only 30% to 50% of transferred fat remains in the breasts for a prolonged period, significantly diminishing the desired result. Stem cells derived from adipose tissue are used to reduce the problem of reabsorption, and the retention rate is improved to between 70% and 80%. For those who would rather not use artificial implants, stem cells derived from adipose tissue significantly improve the long-term results of a fat transfer.

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