Mississippi Joint and Muscle Rehabilitation

Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Treatment (EPAT) is a new technology proven to enhance the repair and healing of soft tissue injuries and provide relief for painful muscle and joint conditions. For joint and muscle rehabilitation, Mississippi experts at the Spring of Youth Medical Group in Ocean Springs rely on this advanced, non-invasive procedure, which increases the micro-circulation, activates dormant stem cells, and releases growth factors and cytokines, increasing healing rates and reversing degenerative processes. This Swiss-German technology delivers low-frequency shock waves to the tissues, which penetrate deep, emitting their energy. This energy starts a cascade of processes including angiogenesis, nitric oxide release, and improved metabolism leading to healing and rejuvenation.

With zero downtime, patients can immediately resume their everyday activities immediately. Additionally, due to the resounding success of providing immediate pain relief by targeting trigger points, most patients return to their everyday activities with a new sense of wellness and confidence. Patients receive a series of three to six treatments over two to three weeks. After applying a coupling gel to the affected area, the applicator is slid over the gel, delivering pressure waves into the injured tissue. Few side effects have been reported, which may include mild bruising and tenderness of the treated area. We believe EPAT is the best joint and muscle rehabilitation treatment on the market, with no incisions, scarring, risk of infections, or long-term rehabilitation care.

For joint and muscle rehabilitation, Mississippi patients can schedule a consultation with Spring of Youth Medical Group in Ocean Springs, today!

 EPAT for Muscle Rehabilitation - Spring of Youth Medical Group