Achieve a Healthy, Natural Look With Natural Fillers

By August 26, 2015Latest News

When people think of cosmetic procedures in vogue, facelifts and liposuction are among the first that come to mind, but adding volume to just the right places with dermal fillers is sometimes more effective and natural than a surgical facelift- and, of course, much less traumatic! Natural fillers not only improve the shape of the face but can also soften or remove wrinkles. However, to relax key facial muscles and maximize the wrinkle-reducing effect, injections of Botox® can be paired with any of the most common facial fillers like Juvederm®, or Voluma®. For those who prefer a more natural alternative, fat transfer or Viafill is an FDA-approved system that transfers fat from an area where it will not be missed to a part of the body or face that could use a fuller, softer appearance.

A fat transfer makes intuitive sense for someone looking for a safe, natural filler because fat is readily available in most and can be spared from other parts of the body. With fewer risks than injections of artificial substances, traditional fat transfer methods come with the possible disadvantage of the fat often being largely reabsorbed by the surrounding tissues. To compensate for the fat that is typically lost to reabsorption, many physicians overfill the targeted areas. These basic fat transfer techniques have been in use for decades, but our adoption of gentler, more cell-preserving methods of harvest and incorporation of PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) or even stem cells with the fat transferred has made the process more effective by minimizing the cell damage that causes reabsorption, and retaining the fat as a living tissue.

Because cells damaged in the transfer are rapidly reabsorbed, our gentle system of harvest and implantation is designed to preserve the viability of the harvested fat and stem cells and their blood supply. The system includes proprietary disposable syringes that minimize trauma and exposure to air. To remove oil (damaged cells) and debris from the fat tissue being transferred, a highly specialized centrifuge is used at low centrifugal forces to avoid damaging the cells. The whole process is a convenient outpatient procedure. While the precise deployment of injections may take a little longer for some procedures than others, the process for separating harvested fat cells takes up to 30 minutes.

To learn more about natural fillers and other advanced cosmetic procedures, please contact Spring of Youth Medical Group. Our range of related services can maximize the desired impact by pairing complementary procedures.


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