Acoustic Shockwaves Provide Pain Management for the Back and Neck

By February 16, 2016Latest News

Everyone knows that pain management can be a literal pain in the neck. Many pain medications and muscle relaxants have habit-forming potentials, and they tend to treat symptoms rather than underlying causes of tightness, strains, and pain. Patients here at Spring of Youth Medical Group have seen positive results with our D-Actor machine, especially for back, neck, and shoulder pain, as well as fasciitis in the feet and other regions. This machine is the descendant of the famous lithotripsy machine of Stroz, from Germany and Switzerland.


Shockwave Technology


Our D-Actor machine uses EPAT (Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Technology) for high-frequency stimulation of the affected area. The non-invasive procedure is performed in our office in under thirty minutes, and some patients can feel the effects immediately after treatment. The therapeutic effects of massage are common knowledge, and the D-Actor machine works on similar principles, but the use of shockwave technology can be targeted directly at the trigger points and affected area.


Benefits of Treatment


For patients dealing with chronic pain or a more acute problem such as a sports injury, treatment with EPAT offers a range of benefits for pain management, rehabilitation, and recovery. The deep shockwave stimulation has the potential to accelerate tissue repair and improve circulation in the affected area. Anyone who has suffered from a painful injury knows how pain tends to limit mobility, setting up a vicious cycle. The painful response is meant to keep you from moving the affected area and making the injury worse, but the lack of movement also affects circulation and other processes that affect healing and inflammation.


Collagen – More than Skin Deep


D-Actor treatment is also believed to stimulate stem cells and fibrocytes, leading to collagen production. While “collagen” is associated with many anti-wrinkle products for skin care, it is actually the most abundant protein in the body and can help with pain management. The fibrous connective protein is an important component of skin, but it also contributes to the whole muscular-skeletal system. Collagen is a vital part of the structure of tendons, ligaments, muscles, and even bones. When you have an area of the neck or back that has chronic tension or pain, collagen is an important resource for your body to repair the subtle injuries that may be causing the problem.


Ask About D-Actor Treatment


At Spring of Youth Medical Group, we take pride in providing some of the latest treatment options, but we also emphasize those treatments that have been most beneficial for our patients. If you have questions about pain management treatment with shockwave technology, we are happy to explain the workings and benefits of D-Actor and related treatment options.



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