(Advanced Adipose-Derived Stem Cell Protein Extracts)

What is AAPE?

AAPE (Advanced Adipose-Derived Stem Cell Protein Extracts) is a mixture of refined growth factor and cytokine proteins that were extracted from conditioned media in which human adipose-derived stem cells were cultured. It has a unique protein combination profile, engineered to augment and maximize the revitalizing effects of your own skin and hair follicles.

What are Adipose-Derived Stem Cells?

Stem cells are primordial cells that are found in most tissues of all multi-cellular organisms. These cells retain the ability to perpetuate themselves by simple cell division called mitosis (as opposed to meiosis, which occurs in the gonads, testicles and ovaries). Stem cells also have the potential to evolve and differentiate into a wide range of specialized cell species and types.

By serendipity, it was found that adipose, fatty tissue contains the maximum concentration of stem cells in the human body. This vast quantity of adult stem cells under the skin offered a goldmine of easy accessibility. And recent progress in technique and technology, specifically in protein extraction and purification, as well as in cell culture and cultivation, have birth to various stem cell products including the leading AAPE, comprising extracted and purified regenerative growth factor proteins as well as extra cellular matrix proteins.


Active Growth Factor Proteins of AAPE

AAPE contains about 150 extracted proteins include Collagen type-1, Fibronectin, TGFbeta-1, VGEF, HGF, KGF and bFGF. This combination of human proteins, which acts synergistically and provides the best biological activity, causes no allergic or immune reactions. It acts on the skin without irritation and produces anti-wrinkle and anti-oxidation activity resulting in opalescence and hair re-growth.

Depending on whether the AAPE is composed for the skin or hair care lines, the composition and proportions of proteins varies.

AAPE Skin Care Line

The AAPE Skin Care Line, exhibits potent anti-wrinkle effects, increasing the dermal thickness by an estimated 30%. It increases fibroblast proliferation and induces glutathione peroxidase activity in them.

  • Remove wrinkles
  • Lighten skin
  • Antioxidant effects
  • Heal wounds and scarring

AAPE Hair Care Line

The AAPE Hair Care line combination of proteins induces hair follicle proliferation and hair thickening. This has control over the hair growth cycle. When used regularly, it turns over dying skin cells twice faster than normal skin.

  • Increase hair density
  • Increase number of hair follicles


We take pride in offering this superior product, which comes as two ampoules: the dried protein and solvent. The reconstructed product offers ample coverage of the scalp for hair growth, or the face/ neck for facial skin regeneration and reconditioning. They are applied to the skin and made to penetrate to the business sites with multi-pin application and massage. The scalp is anesthetized for added comfort.

For optimal results, the manufacturer recommends a set of four to Six applications a month apart, which may be repeated six to 12 months later for continued rejuvenation and maintenance of youth.

AAPE Skin Care

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