Growth Factors for Rejuvenation

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Regenerative medicine is an area of research that deals with the repair and regeneration of tissues, organs, and cells. Most people know a little about how the body works to heal injuries like minor cuts or bone fractures. Regenerative medicine promotes healing in ways that also address medical problems less acute than traumatic injuries. Instead, the techniques of regenerative medicine have the potential to slow or reverse some of the visible or even invisible effects of aging. Increased firmness and fullness give the appearance of rejuvenation and health. Spring of Youth is proud to offer a line of products from the renowned AQ Skin Solutions that will harness growth factor technology for different cosmetic applications. It should be noted that growth factors are species-specific.


What Are Growth Factors?


Growth factors are protein molecules, which vary in structure and complexity that can work either individually or in concert with other growth factors to convey instructions to specific target cells to achieve specific results like growth, organization, replication, repair, and maintenance. Hormones are any of a number of various internally secreted compounds, which may or may not be proteins (such as insulin or thyroxine) formed in endocrine glands that affect the functions of specifically receptive organs or tissues when transported to them by the body fluids. Thus, growth factors are more specific in stimulating their target cells to achieve growth, replication, healing, and repair; and the body naturally uses them to promote healing and even resist infection. Generally, growth factors have more specific targets than hormones, but both play different roles in a wide variety of bodily systems from nerves to the bloodstream and skin cells. Unlike growth factors, hormones tend not to be species-specific, hence the use of porcine or bovine insulin to treat diabetes in humans.


Injecting or ingesting prescribed medicines (artificial chemicals) usually yields the expected, desirable effects like dampening of inflammation, hydrating tissues, or relaxing muscles; but growth factors simply use the principle of bioavailability and natural repair to facilitate natural healing and regeneration. As one gets older, a number of events become progressively more prominent. These include a decrease in the amounts of elastin and collagen and other supporting tissues in the skin and the slowing of the rate at which skin cells divide and multiply. Growth factors have the ability to halt these processes, or even reverse them. A combination of the right human growth factors can signal the cells (e.g. in the skin) to repair any damage, replicate, and continue living, producing its favorite material, depending on the type of cell. Examples include collagen, elastin, or hyaluronic acid.


AQ Skin Solutions


As stated above, growth factors are species-specific. This means that only growth factors from human origin can work in humans. Any marketed growth factors from plant or animal origin are ineffective in humans, except as perhaps a moisturizer. The AQ Skin Solutions list of six products contains products that are all of human origin, with exceptional purity and sterility. Each of the six products contains a combination of certain growth factors, which differ from one product to another, that have been found by trial and error, to produce optimal results. These include products for growing eyelashes and hair, three for the skin and one for the vaginal mucosa. This vaginal rejuvenation serum makes a great substitute for the estrogen-based product that is often prescribed for atrophic vaginitis. Unlike the estrogen cream, the AQ vaginal serum has no systemic effects and builds the vaginal wall, reducing coital burning and irritation by restoring vaginal health, function, and elasticity within days. It comes with six convenient applicators to be used once or twice weekly initially, then less frequently as needed.


The three skin products come in descending potency. The Active Serum is the medium-strength, standard workhorse for the facial skin. It is formulated to combat the visible effects of environmental damage and aging. The mist potent Recovery Serum is indicated more for problem areas and after procedures for the facial skin to force natural repair after trauma. Indeed, it is beneficial also in treating skin after burns as well as skin ulcers. The eye serum is used for application to the most delicate skins of the body—the skin around the eye. It helps tighten the skin there, improving its quality and color.


Just as growth factors are naturally used in the blood stream to promote healing, all six products from AQ Skin Solutions make use of our scientific understanding of how the body heals itself.


To find out more about these and other products from AQ Skin Solutions, contact Spring of Youth Medical. We can recommend the products and procedures that are most likely to provide the best rejuvenating effects possible for your specific circumstances.



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