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Hair Loss has you Down?  Here’s A Heads-Up!

It’s summertime again on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  With the weather getting warmer and the days longer, it is the perfect time to visit the beach, take your dinner outdoors, and drive with the top down.  However, for people experiencing hair loss, it can be a time to reflect on what was lost during the winter hat season.  For anyone over the age of twenty-five who are not attending a sporting event, a baseball cap is probably not appropriate for most social situations. By the way, you’re not fooling anyone.  Hair loss is inherently a degenerative condition and with every passing day the hairline recedes further, volume is lost, and hair becomes thinner.  Although it is true that men are far more likely to lose their hair than women, thinning hair and systematic hair loss are also quite common in women and is no less demoralizing a condition to face.  Causes range from a simple vitamin deficiency to hereditary or environmental factors.  Regardless of the cause, hair loss can result in a loss of self-esteem and a diminished quality of life.  Many prescription treatments, once started, cannot be stopped or hair loss will return rapidly and increase without the medicine.  Luckily for hair loss sufferers, there is a simple treatment option which already exists within their own bodies and it’s available right here in Ocean Springs, MS!

SOY April 2018 Heads Up For Hair Loss

Who We Are

Spring of Youth Medical Group is South Mississippi’s leading provider of customized, state of the art treatments for aesthetic skin conditions and vein disorders.  For over ten years, we have been proudly helping the Gulf Coast restore health and wellness.  In addition to vein and aesthetic therapies, we now are excited to offer two treatment option to reverse the effects of hair loss.  Our newest, AAPE, or Advanced Adipose-derived Stem Cell Protein Extract, is a mixture of over a hundred and fifty proteins, made up of growth factors and specific proteins derived from stem cells, which had been harvested from adipose (fat) tissue and enticed to secrete the specific proteins by providing the conditions to do so in culture media.

What is AAPE?

AAPE has a unique protein combination, which is specifically engineered to augment and maximize the revitalizing effects to your scalp and hair follicles.  Stem cells themselves retain the ability to differentiate into a wide variety of cell types, such as bone, cartilage, pancreatic, liver, and muscle tissue.  They are clinically shown to repair hair follicles and skin naturally and restore proper function to the site of application. AAPE, which is the product of stem cells, extracted from harvested adipose tissue and grown in specific cultures to entice them to produce over 150 of different proteins. The specific combinations of those proteins give specific orders to the cells of the site of placement. This combination of growth factors and regenerative agents cause no allergic or immune reactions and acts on the skin directly without any signs of irritation.  AAPE has also been shown to possess anti-wrinkle and anti-oxidation properties, further aiding in hair regrowth and skin rejuvenation.  The AAPE haircare and skincare lines feature combinations of proteins that promotes follicle proliferation and hair thickening; and skin rejuvenation and maintenance of youthful.   When used as directed, AAPE haircare products reset the hair growth cycle and promote healthy cells by ridding the scalp of dying or dead skin cells twice as fast as normal skin activity.

At Spring of Youth Medical Group, we also offer a separate AAPE skincare line, with different compositional properties and proportions of ingredients.  The AAPE skincare therapy maximizes the anti-wrinkle effects and increases dermal thickness by 30% to combat age-related thinning and drying that results in fissuring and injury.  When used as indicated AAPE skincare treatment can rejuvenate the skin, reverse the aging process, making the skin stronger, suppler, and more youthful in appearance.

AQ:  Growth Potential Ahead

In addition to the AAPE hair and skincare therapies, Spring of Youth Medical Group also offers AQ Growth Factor and Cytokine Products, a series of six different products strongly supported by published literature and patient testimonials.  AQ Skin Solutions’ products are formulated with patented growth factor technology designed to rejuvenate skin and hair follicles. AQ Growth Factor serum contains conditioned media known to retain the highest quality of specific growth factors, cytokines, and interleukins that accelerate the regenerative process. What this means for you is that AQ growth complex delivers the right combination of regenerative properties directly to the scalp, thereby shortening the dormant period of the hair growth cycle and stimulating normally-dormant hair follicles.  Customers report an increase in volume and texture following treatment.  The best part is that, in between office visits, patients can use the product at home to maximize results.  It’s as simple as massaging the product into your hair after bathing or showering. Apart from the AQ Hair Complex Serum, there are 5 more products with the same magical properties that address different health and aesthetic issues: the AQ Recovery Serum, addresses damaged skin in exposed areas like the face with acne scarring, and hands; AQ Active Serum is a take-home similar product that addresses daily needs of the discerning health-minded person who understands the value of maintenance of healthy skin. AQ Eyelash and Eyes sera address the thin, fragile skin around the eyes and unsatisfactory eyelashes, making them bushier, longer and darker. AQ Vaginal Rejuvenation Serum is a wonderful product that has never failed to reward the users. It addresses vaginal irritation, dryness, malodor, and soreness, transforming the organ with weekly, then 2-weekly use to a normality, with a healthy, normal thickness mucosa, inside and out.

Come See Us to Personalize your Treatment

As part of our ongoing efforts to expand and provide an even higher standard of care, Spring of Youth Medical Group is always endeavoring to expand our scope of treatment to deliver better and more comprehensive treatment options.  We are excited to offer hair and skincare products to the Mississippi Gulf Coast, in addition to our aesthetics and vein therapies. For more information on our products and services, please call (228) 875-0885, visit our office at 1153 Ocean Springs Rd., Ocean Springs, MS. 39564 or visit our website.

Download: SOY April2018 Heads Up For Hair Loss

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