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Experience Excellence – Feel More Confident At Any Age!

At Spring of Youth Medical Group, we understand that confidence is the door that leads to greater life satisfaction. We pride ourselves in an ongoing commitment to provide the Gulf Coast’s residents and visitors with the finest, state-of-the-art, aesthetic services and cosmetic medicine in a relaxing environment that will calm your mind while rejuvenating your skin. We offer a full line of innovative therapies that will restore your healthy, youthful appearance without the risks, side effects, and downtime of surgery. Our highly trained medical health providers will meet with you in a private, comfortable consultation suite to discuss the variety of treatment options available.

Spring of Youth Aesthetics Center - Ocean Springs, MS.

We are happy to discuss a full range of services and treatment options such as cellulite reduction, fat transfer to the face and hands, acne scar treatment, and treatment for fine lines and wrinkles; age and sun spots; loss of elasticity or fullness of the face or neck; weight loss-related skin removal; or body contouring. We listen to your personal story and goals to help you choose the treatments that are right for you. We are proud to use the latest in aesthetic science and rejuvenation medicine to promote skin renewal, reduce discoloration, reverse the appearance of aging, and most importantly…help you look and feel more confident at any age.

Create a Smoother, More Youthful Appearance!

Fine lines and wrinkles were once an inevitable component of aging. Lines around the mouth and chin, as well as across the forehead can appear even more prominent when you add in time spent in the sun (which can hardly be avoided in this area). So called “frown lines” can cause a person to appear more stern and austere than they actually are. However, even though fine lines and wrinkles can’t be avoided altogether, at the Spring of Youth Medical Group, we can easily treat them! We employ one of the most widely recognized and commonly performed cosmetic procedures of the last 15 years. Botox®, an FDA approved, nonsurgical procedure temporarily reduces the appearance of these age-defining, active facial lines through muscle relaxation thereby creating a smoother, more youthful appearance. At Spring of Youth Medical Aesthetics Center, we utilize the proven results of Botox® to treat horizontal and vertical (glabella) forehead lines (frown lines), crows feet (smile lines), horizontal lines adjacent to the nose, vertical lip creases (common in smokers), droopy mouth angles (fish mouth), platysmal bands (vertical, rope-like lines found on the neck). Botox® treatments are also effective in treating excessive sweating from the armpits, palms of the hands and soles of the feet; and in treating migraine. Using Botox treatments for sweating and migraine and among the many newly discovered medical indications. Also, the best part is that Botox® treatments only take a few minutes with minimal discomfort. You can resume your usual activities on the same day as the procedure if you do wish. Indeed, it is a lunchtime procedure!

Life-Changing Routine Procedure!

Given the long-standing record of success with Botox®, Spring of Youth Medical is proud to offer another therapeutic product from the same trusted manufacturer: Kybella®, also produced by Allergan Plc, is the first and only FDA approved treatment for sub-mental fullness. Sub-mental fullness is more-commonly known as “double chin!” Healthy life choices such as proper diet and exercise can reduce body fat content, but it is often difficult to eliminate the subcutaneous fat deposits around the lower chin area and neck. Some patients report a slim, youthful appearance from the neck down and a face that belies their true age. Luckily, Kybella® offers a minimally invasive, injectable, non-surgical procedure that can be completed in our comfortable, relaxing outpatient environment. The treatment is incremental, so it is tailored to each individual person. Spring of Youth Medical Group offers this life-changing routine procedure in our Ocean Springs office, utilizing the vast experience of a seasoned cosmetic surgeon, with experienced regenerative and other branches of surgery. All of our highly-trained and experienced healthcare professionals have completed the Kybella® Injection Training program, and have a full understanding of the sub-mental anatomy ensuring optimal results with no permanent side effects. On the day of your scheduled consultation, Spring of Youth Medical and Aesthetics Center staff will provide a full and in-depth assessment and evaluation. We will look at a number of factors to ensure that Kybella® treatment will provide you with the results you desire prior to any treatment application. We will rule out possible alternative causes of sub-mental fullness such as platysmal bands (treatable with Botox® onsite by Spring of Youth) or scarring from previous surgeries. We are confident that you will benefit from the life-affirming results offered by Kybella® treatment, administered in our safe, comfortable, and privacy-conscious aesthetics center on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

State-Of-The-Art, Natural Therapy Option!

While the previously-discussed treatments utilize synthetic fillers (created by a trusted, medical-grade pharmaceutical company), Spring of Youth Medical Group is especially committed to therapeutic interventions utilizing the patient’s own cells and tissues, such as stem cells, stem cell enriched nano-fat and fat issue. These autologous (derived from the patients’ own cells) elements, centered on fat tissue, involve removing fat tissue from “problem areas,” mixing the desired product with platelet rich plasma (PRP) and/or adipose-derived stem cells in our sterile lab, then using it as a natural filler for instantly adding volume or restoring fullness to facial tissues- at the strategic, desired places. This is a state-of-the-art, natural therapy option to restore or reshape and compartment of the face including the cheeks, brows, temples, forehead, lips, chin, jowls, nose and neckline. Unlike synthetic or non-autologous tissue fillers which require subsequent reapplications over time, using a patient’s own fat and stem cells/plasma improves the survival rate of the re-contoured site which makes results last much longer and appear more natural, since they are live tissue. By using a gentler, more natural procedure than traditional fat reassignment surgeries, Spring of Youth Medical Aesthetics Center can effectively minimize the cell damage that leads to absorption by retaining your fat deposits as your own living tissue.

What Makes Spring of Youth Medical Group & Aesthetics Center Different!

At Spring of Youth Medical Group and Aesthetics Center, we understand that your appearance is the outward expression and projection of your individual personality. We offer a wide variety of services and therapy options to help you look and feel your best. In addition to being the Coast’s pre-eminent vein treatment center, we have one of the top estheticians in Mississippi, who provides treatments at our facility such as cosmetic fillers, such as Juvederm®, Juvederm Plus®, and Voluma®, as well as facial and body treatments.

Unlike most centers in the USA, we at Spring of Youth Medical Group and Aesthetics Center use Extra-corporeal Pressure Activation Technology (EPAT) to treat cellulite. This is state-of-the-art technology that is painless and soothing with a proven track record.

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Our goal is to be the premiere aesthetics center in Ocean Springs, MS. by having our top specialists work with each patient as if they were our only patient to create the best, individualized plan for their treatment. Contact us today for an initial consultation. Our suites are conveniently located at 1153-1155 Ocean Springs Rd. Ocean Springs, MS 39564. Call us at (228) 875-0885 or contact us.

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