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As the Mississippi Gulf Coast’s premiere vascular and vein treatment provider, we have spent a lot of time helping people better-understand common, simple as well as complicated- even rare or unusual- vascular diseases. Check out our backlog of articles and blogs for more information on these conditions.  For every therapeutic service we make available, we provide a wealth of knowledge allowing you to be better informed about common conditions, risk factors, and treatment options.

Although varicose vein treatment is an important part of what we do, chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) or vein disease is not always as obvious or overt as seeing large, discolored, ugly veins under the skin.  Individuals may be suffering from vein disease, or other serious vascular disorders, without any significant symptoms like pain; or the finding of any sign like discoloration or varicose veins.  For this reason, we are proud to offer Free Vein Screening for the entire month of September, by appointment!  It is also a great opportunity for you to visit our Ocean Springs location and see all the great services we offer, ranging from aesthetics and medical cosmetics to treatment of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and limb ischemia.

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Venous Disease

Although bulging, discolored veins are the most common and obvious presentation of vein disease, they aren’t the only sign.  Veins, by their very nature, return blood to the heart, utilizing a one-way valve system that keeps the blood moving inward and upward, towards the heart.  When these valves begin to fail, either as a result of aging, damage, heredity or lifestyle, blood is allowed to flow backward and pool within the veins- distending them.  The extra back-pressure, distention, and stasis, from this pooling of blood within the vein cause leg pain, heaviness, itching, restless legs, and swelling- which results from the pressure-driven extravasation of liquid into the tissues.  The advanced stages of the disease manifest as skin discoloration, hardening of soft tissues, blanching of the skin, leathering and ulceration.  In some cases, varicose veins lead to a higher risk of serious circulatory problems.  If, for example, the deeper veins were to enlarged and develop stasis, the risk for formation of blood clots and serious complications increases significantly.  That is why it is important to have a trained professional perform a simple vein screening to dot the i’s and cross the t’s- so to speak!

What is Involved with a Vein Screening Procedure?

To properly diagnose vein disease, the provider needs to ask a few questions about the relevant history and symptoms of vein and circulation diseases; then complete a relevant physical examination (PE).  This PE includes your legs in both the standing and sitting positions, checking for signs of circulation disease, surface veins, discoloration, and swelling. Then as part of a vein screening, an ultrasound examination is performed in the STANDING POSITION. Why standing position? Because distended varicose veins can “shrink” to a quarter their “standing” size when the filling pressure of gravity is removed!   This noninvasive, painless test is used to assess the size of veins and reflux (back-flow) within them. It assesses the overall functionality of the veins and their valves.

The ultrasound machine has a hand-held, blunt probe, the size of a small bar of soap, that glides over the skin, lubricated by clear gel, which also transmits the ultrasound waves. The waves are outside our hearing range so we do not hear them.  These waves travel through the skin and bounce back off tissues and circulating red blood cells, detecting the direction of flow and its amount. This examination includes both the dreaded deep (originator of DVT!) and superficial (originator of ugly veins) venous systems. The superficial (or shallow) system has 2 main sub-systems: the great saphenous vein (GSV), which runs from the medial ankle to the groin- where it joins the deep femoral vein; and the small saphenous vein (SSV), which runs from the outer ankle to behind the knee- where it joins the deep popliteal vein.

After the conclusion of the examination, the patient would be informed of the findings and of any signs of venous disease. All screened individuals are allowed time to ask questions and discuss the findings briefly, so that they leave the office with a good idea of what they have, if any, and what to do about it, so they leave the office armed with vital information and peace of mind.

We are Here for You.

Only through a greater knowledge and understanding of our existing medical conditions as well as our treatment options, can we be informed enough to make important, sound decisions about our health and wellness.

Please come and see us at the Spring of Youth Medical Group for your FREE VEIN SCREENING any time during the month of September.  Visit our website where we now offer online scheduling, as well as to learn more about all the services we offer like the “free facial with any cosmetic appointment” promotion. At Spring of Youth Medical Group, we are proud to have served the Mississippi Gulf Coast for over 18 years.  Our senior Provider, Dr. Hazem Barmada, MD, FRCS (CTh), has over 30 years of experience as a cardiovascular and thoracic surgeon providing patient care and treatment for a vast variety of vascular conditions; and in addition has over 10 year experience as Medical Officer to the Martial Arts Commission of Great Britain, dealing with and advising on trauma to head, body and limb, including vascular.

As part of an ongoing effort to provide an even higher standard of patient care, we expanded our services to include a Vein & Laser Center and an Aesthetics Center under the umbrella of Spring of Youth Medical Group. Our primary focus is on understanding the patient’s individual experience and needs with their condition through an extensive and comprehensive evaluation.

We are conveniently located at 1155 Ocean Springs Rd in Ocean Springs, MS.  Call us at (228) 875-0885 or use our website to schedule a consultation or to have any additional questions answered.  We look forward to hearing from you.


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