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Facial Veins

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What are Facial Veins?

Facial veins can be an unsightly problem that detracts from the natural beauty of skin, even at a relatively young age. Veins and capillaries allow circulation everywhere under the skin, but spider veins and “broken veins” become visible and show as red or purplish lines. The veins are not actually broken, but they may have become larger. With age and decreased amounts of collagen, skin gets thinner and gradually more transparent showing veins more clearly. Estrogen levels, obesity, and inherited genes are also all contributing factors for the earlier appearance of thread veins and varicose veins. At Spring of Youth Medical Group in Ocean Springs, MS we have several minimally invasive treatment options available to restore the look of smooth, clear skin.

Early Prevention

When thread veins first start to appear, many patients find it helpful to avoid alcohol and very hot drinks, as well as spicy foods. Adding concealer under normal makeup can also be a helpful measure. While these measures make facial veins less noticeable in the early stages, they will not get rid of veins that have become pronounced. Making an appointment with Spring of Youth Medical Group is a great way to learn about treatment options that can close off or remove these unsightly veins.

Treatment Options

Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLA) is performed under local anesthesia, often supplemented by a small dose of an oral sedative. A tiny optic fiber is inserted into the culprit vein, and laser-light pulses are delivered to cauterize and collapse the vein. Because EVLA uses a small puncture instead of surgical incisions, the risk of scarring is minimal. Temporary bruising is possible, but the recovery period is very short for this outpatient procedure. Another option is a procedure called micro-phlebectomy, which actually involves removing the vein with a crochet needle through a tiny puncture incision, made with a needle. Small, puncture incisions are more likely to heal without scarring.

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