Patients who are experiencing chronic pain, life can seem like a progression of bad days and worse days.  The struggle to accomplish even basic life tasks can sometimes be daunting. Treatments readily available often come with equally-limiting side effects and consequences. For pain management, we believe in the importance of avoiding habit-forming drugs when possible. At Spring of Youth Medical Group, we are always looking for new and innovative treatments that are not non-invasive that can help our patients. 

EPAT® for Pain Management

We are proud to offer Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Treatment (EPAT®), an FDA –approved pain management therapy.

EPAT® is a highly effective treatment option that utilizes a series of specific pressure waves to stimulate the affected tissues, enhance blood circulation, and lessen recovery times by essentially accelerating the natural healing process.  This treatment has been shown to improve the local metabolism and healing by mechanicochemical transduction, improving blood flow and nutrients to the site of pain by emitting pressure waves through the skin.  EPAT® works equally well for people experiencing skeletal or muscular pain.  Whether the chronic pain condition results from injury, trauma, or disease.

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PHN – Shingles Pain Management

Postherpetic Neuralgia, or PHN, is the most common complication of the shingles virus.  PHN is a chronic pain response to the virus lasting more than three months.  PHN carries with it a debilitating level of pain, impaired mobility, and physical function. While there are vaccines that reduce the risk of complication and in some cases, lessen symptom severity until now there has been no safe or reliably effective treatment option for shingles pain and PHN.  However, recent research and clinical trials have identified an exciting new treatment option that shows great promise in the management of PHN symptoms.

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