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At Spring of Youth Medical Group, we have had success using shockwave (EPAT) technology, particularly to alleviate pain in the back and neck. This technology can provide relief for patients without relying on surgery or medications. While the treatment is not appropriate for all types of pain management situations, it is an important option for patients dealing with localized pain, especially in certain joints and muscles.

Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Treatment (EPAT®) is a new technology proven to enhance the repair and healing of soft tissue injuries and provide relief for painful muscle and joint conditions.

Swiss-German technology delivers low-frequency shock waves to the tissues, which penetrate deep, emitting their energy. This advanced, non-invasive procedure, which increases the micro-circulation, activating dormant stem cells, and releases growth factors and cytokines, increasing healing rates and reversing degenerative processes.

With zero downtime, patients can immediately resume their everyday activities immediately. Additionally, due to the resounding success of providing immediate pain relief by targeting trigger points, most patients return to their everyday activities with a new sense of wellness and confidence.

How Does the Treatment Work?

Using EPAT (Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Therapy), our D-Actor machine uses acoustic or shock wave technology to stimulate live cells and trigger points of the underlying tissues in the targeted area. Most athletes are aware of the health benefits that can come with deep tissue massage, where knots can be melted away, tissues loosened and pain relieved. Furthermore, a good massage can move accumulated liquids and toxins along the lymphatics towards the lymph nodes. The deep penetrating waves and deeper stimulation of the EPAT treatment provide patients with similar benefits, except that the shockwaves can target critical trigger points in muscles, tendons, and joints, especially in the neck and shoulder regions, where fascial sheets and muscles intertwine in different directions. The advanced technology of the D-Actor allows for the targeted use of shockwave treatment for improved results.

Spring of Youth Medical Group - EPAT

What are the Benefits of EPAT Treatment?

Shockwave stimulation of affected areas can benefit a pain management routine by accelerating tissue repair and recovery. EPAT improves tissue perfusion and stimulates angiogenesis leading to improved circulation in the area restoration of normal physiology. The effects include mechanicochemical conversion leading to a cascade of events, including stimulation of collagen production. Collagen is commonly known for its role in skin structure and appearance, but the protein is also found throughout the human body and musculoskeletal system. Because of the wide range of benefits outside of pain relief, EPAT is also a significant tool for the treatment of many muscle and joint conditions.

Who Should Consider D-Actor Treatment?

Our D-Actor, Elite edition machine is a useful alternative for patients suffering from either chronic pain or acute injury. Athletes and laborers who are experiencing pain after an injury often benefit from this treatment and experience a rapid return to work and activity. EPAT treatment is most beneficial for patients with pain localized to specific areas of the body. For instance, the technology has been used successfully for patients suffering from plantar fasciitis, where the tissue between the heel and toes becomes inflamed. On the other hand, D-Actor treatment would not be recommended for patients who suffer from generalized body aches and pain. Certain kinds of pain can also be symptoms of underlying conditions and diseases that need to be diagnosed, so consulting one’s physician to discuss any severe or recurring pain is important. However, chronic pain may lose the conscious connection with the injury that may have caused it, making hard for the link to come to light. Pain can also be a defense mechanism to prevent further damage. EPAT treatment can break the vicious circle by treating the trigger point.

Follow-Up Treatments

Over a period of two or three weeks, most of our patients undergo between three and six rounds of treatment. Because many of the benefits involve facilitating the body’s own natural recovery, repeated treatments continue to promote circulation, collagen production, and other systems involved in healing.

For joint and muscle pain rehabilitation, Mississippi patients can schedule a consultation with Spring of Youth Medical Group in Ocean Springs, today!

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Spring of Youth Medical Group - EPAT For Pain Management