Regenerative Medicine for Pain Management

At Spring of Youth Medical Group, we are continually looking for new and innovative ways to enhance patients’ quality of life through a wide variety of therapy options. Many of these therapies fall under the broad umbrella of Regenerative Medicine, which is a method of healing one’s damaged tissues or organs. Regenerative Medicine is the process of utilizing cells and growth factors from the patient’s own healthy cells to create a living, functional cell-system to repair tissues and organs, restoring functionality. The procedures and tools of regenerative medicine work equally well on acute damage like by trauma, degenerative conditions by natural or excessive breakdown from wear and tear, or congenital afflictions making the number of applications incalculable.

Spring of Youth Medical Group - Regenerative Medicine For Pain

PRP is an autologous (naturally occurring within the body) blood sample that contains significant levels of platelets and growth factors. Platelets are the clotting “bricks” in blood that aids in healing; and growth factors and hormones are complex molecules, which are responsible for the stimulation and promotion of growth in any living cell. As the name suggests, PRP delivers these healing agents in abundance. PRP has been shown to promote regeneration of synovial cells, which make up the specialized connective tissue and fluid that lubricates and protects joints from friction damage. PRP is also known to encourage cell differentiation, a process in which regenerative agents within the PRP develop into the specific cell type required to repair the damage.

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