The EVLT™ Procedure deals with the incompetence of the greater saphenous veins. Unlike surgical stripping, EVLT permanently closes off the vein while leaving it in place. It uses the energy from a laser machine delivered by a fine fiber-optic catheter. As the fiber is so slim the whole procedure is performed through a tiny nick in the skin, so there is usually no post operative scarring. The fiber is guided into place using ultrasound and the procedure is performed under strictly local anesthetic of a similar type used by dentist to numb the treatment area. Oral pain and mild sedation tablets are given an hour before the procedure, to make sure your treatment is as pain-free as possible.

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Benefits of EVLT:

* A simple procedure
* Performed under local anesthetic
* Minimally invasive, so minimal risk of scarring and postoperative infection
* Less than one hour examination and treatment time
* Rapid recovery with reduced postoperative pain
* Normal activities can be resumed immediately
* Effective treatment for the greater saphenous vein insufficiency
* Excellent clinical and aesthetic results